Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Your carpet is one of the larger investments that you’ll make inside your home. From the colors of carpet you chose to the fabrics and patterns. When you take care of your carpet, it can last for many years to come. Unfortunately, many property owners make a series of common mistakes when it comes to carpet maintenance. Here’s a compiled list of common cleaning mistakes you should avoid as a homeowner

Mistake #1: Scrubbing Instead of Blotting

Scrubbing carpet fibers can damage the carpet, particularly with brushes with stiff bristles. If scrubbing unwinds the carpet’s fibers, it may fray. Additionally, scrubbing might push dirt further into the fibers. This will make it more difficult to clean the carpet.

Carpets should be blotted with a cloth or sponge to remove excess stains. Ensure you don’t use towels with colors to blot the carpet stains to avoid transferring the color of the towel on the carpet. If the stain still doesn’t come out after blotting, resist the urge to scrub and contact a professional carpet cleaning service.

Mistake #2: Use of Wrong Cleaning Agents

If you apply the wrong carpet cleaning chemical while cleaning your carpet, it will permanently damage or discolor your carpet. Therefore, before choosing any cleaning product, you need to have enough research through the manufacturer’s guidelines to know the cleaning chemical that applies to your carpet.

It is imperative to conduct a spot test, particularly when cleaning a new carpet or applying a new cleaning product. It is preferable to spoil a small portion of the carpet than the complete thing. The incorrect solution may result in bleaching and fiber loss.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions while testing the cleaner. Try it on a concealed carpet spot behind a doorway or under the couch. Before cleaning the whole carpet, wait a few hours to observe whether any discoloration or damage happens.

Mistake #3: Incorrect Use of Deodorizing Powder

While effective in making your carpet smell lovely, deodorizing powders are not a substitute for thorough carpet cleaning. Some deodorizing powders can even cause a gunky build-up with time if your vacuum isn’t powerful enough to extract the powder completely.

A thoroughly cleaned carpet should not require a deodorizer. An odor neutralizer may be required for odors such as pet urine, although it should be used cautiously. Ensure that you utilize a non-toxic neutralizer.

Mistake #4: Using Faulty Rental Equipment

The typical carpet cleaning equipment people may rent in store tend to do more harm than good. Rental equipment is frequently damaged or not serviced correctly, machines can ultimately damage your carpets and leave excessive cleaning solution behind, resulting in rapid resoiling or even mold damage.

Cleaning equipment should be left to the  professionals. So if you’re looking for a local carpet cleaning company with a solid reputation and positive reviews online.

Mistake #5: Not Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

You might think that the do-it-yourself cleaning will save you money, but in the end, you’ll do more harm than good to your carpets. There are so many considerations that a professional cleaning company keeps in mind before a cleaning, such as the color of the carpet, the materials, the nature of stains, etc.

The DIY cleaning methods might damage your carpet because of a lack of knowledge in proper cleaning methodologies a professional acquires over the years in the industry. When you want to ensure your carpet is well-cleaned, always opt for a carpet cleaning professional.

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