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Wash On Wheels is the top power washing service in Flat Rock, MI. Any home or property can be pressure washed by our experienced team. Industrial pressure washing of garages, lots, brick, concrete, and other building structures is included. We can also clean home exteriors, commercial complexes, and much More!

As an industry leader in power washing services, we use hot water pressure washing to thoroughly clean concrete surfaces, buildings, sidewalks, and other areas of your home or rental property.

It is our goal to make your property look new again, and this is something we can do for you, our valued customer. Whether you need trash cans scoured, graffiti removed, sidewalks cleaned, or anything else, our pressure washing team can handle it.

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Our Power Washing Process

The only way to ensure the longevity of your property’s exterior is to power wash it. Using a mold inhibitor, we can remove and kill existing mold while also preventing it from returning in the future. Don’t be concerned if you have a problem with grease and dirt. Hot water is used rather than cold water in our power washing services. This helps in the removal of grease, grime, oil, or dirt that could otherwise leave a permanent stain. 

Why Choose Us

We believe that the best results are obtained by using the best products and paying close attention to detail. Our portfolio of work will demonstrate we are not the type of company that makes a big splash. We don’t simply spray bleach on a surface, rinse it off, and call it a day. We employ a combination of the best and safest chemicals on the market. We know how to use them and make sure they’re put to good use. We take the necessary care to ensure that everything is properly protected and cleaned. We secure the area to prevent electrical boxes from being fried, plants from dying, and people from getting wet.


Years of Experience

The average fly by night power washing company usually doesn’t have the attention to detail we have developed in over 30 years of serving our customers. Since many of our customers are repeat, we are extremely proud when they call us the best power washing service in Southeast Michigan.


Locally Owned

As a locally owned pressure washing company in Flat Rock, Michigan, we want our customers to feel a sense of connection when working with us. Whether it’s carpet care, junk removal or power washing. We are extremely personable and take our jobs seriously. 


Affordable Pricing

Wash on Wheels was founded on hard-work, discipline, and a willingness to succeed. We understand that not everyone can always afford professional power washing services as often as they should. That is one reason we try to keep our pricing as low as possible. 

Customer Reviews

My home smells fresher. I've used this company for years. Would highly recommend.

Jenea McDermitt

The best carpet service company I have ever dealt with. I have used them for over 18 years and have never been dissatisfied. Great company.

Keith Clark

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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to extend our customer service to our customers, Wash On Wheels has compiled Frequently Asked Questions to help make answering your questions around Power Washing more convenient. If you don’t see your question listed here today, please feel free to contact us directly at (734) 782-0100, and we’ll happily answer your questions at no further obligation.

This method involves using a heavy-duty power washing machine to blast away dirt, debris, and more from surfaces with highly pressurized hot water. It's usually best for cleaning heavily soiled concrete, stone walls, driveways, and other hard surfaces.
Your house is going to need at least 24 hours to fully dry up. Don't worry — it is not in any way “ruined” or less effective if, after the power washing, there are natural weather occurrences.

1. Secure your doors and windows
2. Move or cover anything you don’t want to get wet
3. Make sure to unplug extension cords and close any covers on electrical outlets.
4. Keep children, pets away, and plants too!

The main difference between power washing and pressure washing methods is the temperature of the water. Power washing blasts water at a high pressure using hot water, but the water used for pressure washing is not heated. The hotter temperature used in power washing makes it easier to cut through grime and clean surfaces.
As a general rule, most experts recommend that you wash your home every 6 to 12 months (or one to two times a year). By power washing your home on a regular basis, you can protect it from the onset of mold or mildew and maintain its beautiful appearance.
Soft washing is similar to pressure washing, however the pressure per square inch, or PSI, is lowered to less than 500, making it safer to use on less durable surfaces. Let's learn what these services are all about.
In general, houses should be power washed at least once a year any time between March and November. As it gets later in a calendar year, you'll want to make sure your home is taken care of before the freezing temperatures and winter weather arrive.

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