Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

In Michigan, carpet cleaning services are very essential for homeowners with carpet. When your carpet isn’t maintained  with a proper cleaning routine, it’s bound to get damaged and shortens its lifespan. There are so many ways to clean your carpet by yourself; however, you will never get the “like-new” results that a professional carpet cleaning company provides.

With so many carpet cleaning service providers to choose from in Downriver, be selective and take the time to evaluate every company with these five key points. This blog post will provide you with a checklist that you can use as a reference when looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Downriver.

#1: What Services Do They Offer?

A carpet cleaning company’s type of services should be one of your considerations. Are you looking for stains, odor, dirt, allergens, or mud to be removed from your carpet? You will have to vet the services provided by the company to ensure they match your requirements.

#2: What Cleaning Methods Do They Use?

Despite popular belief, not all carpet cleaning firms are alike, and therefore they will not serve you equally. Some carpet cleaning procedures might harm your carpet and possibly breach your warranty. It’s critical to hire a carpet cleaning service that understands the many carpet cleaning procedures and can recommend the best cleaning procedure based on your carpet.

#3: What Chemicals Are Used During a Cleaning?

Some carpet cleaners are acidic, while others are alkaline. Others are liquids, while some are powders. Some will be safe for children and pets, while others are not. It is essential to find a carpet cleaning firm informed about the chemicals they use and which product is appropriate for your carpet.

You will also have to consider how some of the cleaning chemicals react to various materials and stains. Some chemicals can cause yellowing if it’s not compatible with your carpet fabric. Ensure the company uses chemicals that are meant for your type of carpet.

#4: What Is There Level of Expertise?

When looking for a carpet cleaning company, you need to understand their level of experience in the industry:

  • How long has the company been in carpet cleaning services?
  • What kind of carpet materials have they dealt with before?
  • Does the company have any form of insurance if your carpet is damaged?

Setting your carpet in the hands of a company that is well knowledgeable in what they offer takes away the risk of getting lackluster results or the carpet being damaged.

#5: What Is There Pricing for Cleaning Services?

Cost is a very important factor when you are buying any services. You will want to see the value in your investment. Therefore, find a company with reasonable pricing for that guaranteed clean you’re after. 

For Complete Carpet Care, Contact the Experts at Wash On Wheels!

Finding a carpet cleaning company that will offer you the best services is very important. Ensure you consider the above factors before settling on a carpet cleaning company. Wash On Wheels has over 30+ years experience cleaning carpets, and are well trusted in Southeast Michigan by our thousands of loyal customers.

Contact Wash On Wheels for a free cleaning quote today at (734) 782-0100.

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